Why Your Printer Or Printer Cartridges May Not Work In Another Country

Have you ever tried bringing your printer to another country or using printer cartridges from a different region then finding out that you cannot just print anymore?

Well, this has been one of the problems that some printer makers may have encountered already. This situation is actually known as ink cartridge regionalization.

Ink cartridge regionalization is that condition wherein you cannot use ink cartridges that you bought from a different place since these were specifically designed to work with printers on the given area only. Although this may seem new to you, we have already experienced such regionalization in other devices such as cellphones that would not function when brought to a new region. So this is not something that we must be surprised about, but you may still get worried especially when you have invested so much on your printer.

However, the only brand of printer that has been doing this so far is HP which makes some HP users switch to other brands. Still, HP offers re-zoning for their units so that when you take your HP printer to another location, you can still supply it with the HP ink cartridges available there. But, you have to be patient sometimes since many customers have already expressed their disappointment on the poor customer support provided by Hewlett Packard.

Nevertheless, if you take actions faster than you should, you may not encounter these problems anymore so just have your printer re-zoned immediately then it will surely work just the way it should even when you have already moved to a new location.

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