Tips to Continue Printing when Printer Says “No Ink”

Canon_S520_ink_jet_printer_-_openedThere are times when the printer suddenly says you do not have ink anymore when you know that you haven’t finished everything in your printer ink cartridge. So where is the problem and how can you continue printing? Here are a few tips on handling this printer issue.

1. Never remove your printer cartridge.

If your printer works with a complete set of cartridge, do not remove the empty one to keep it functioning. Just keep it beside the other cartridges and let it stay until all are empty.

2. Check your printer settings.

Since you do not have too many choices when your printer acts like this, choose the “Black Only” on your printer settings. Also use the least consuming setting to save on your ink.

3. Don’t tell the truth.

Well, this may seem odd but your printer will always ask you if your printer cartridges are old/new or empty/full when you re-install it. So make sure to say that it is full even when it is not to keep the performance.

4. Print Command.

Although some printers do not work with this style, the above mentioned steps can actually deal with your printer problem. You can still try this when it is necessary.

Printer manufacturers would do everything to keep their products in good condition, including the consumption of inks at the same level, but when your printing is bothered by the sudden “No Ink” messages, you can always do these tricks to consume all the inks and toners.

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