The Reasons behind Constant Paper Jams on Your Printer

Although paper jams have already been considered as one of the most dreaded and irritating printer errors that can happen to you when in the middle of printing, it is best to know the reasons why this printer error occurs all the time.

Have you ever thought why your printer will suddenly feed on your paper the wrong way? Well, sometimes you might consider blaming your laser toner cartridges or ink cartridges for this problem but somehow it you can be wrong too.

There are so many reasons on why a printer starts acting weird at times. Especially for the paper jam error, you can list a lot of causes for it but not all can apply for your own printing machine. So, to help you out with the most numbered problems on printer that results to paper jams, here is a quick list for that printer error.

First reason why your printer creates a paper jam is that the paper is already damaged before you even have started your printing. Another is that you have placed the wrong material on a specific paper tray making it cause confusion on the printer since it specifically knows the paper that should be on that tray. You may have also improperly fed the paper or you have piled too much on the feeding tray which caused paper overload that leads to paper jam too. Lastly, try cleaning your printer since dirt and dust can make it perform badly which can cause other printer errors too.

A good thing to stop paper jams from coming back is to do proper maintenance on your printing machine and also use only the right material for your outputs.

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