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Ink Volume to Be Disclosed on Cartridge Labels?

I chanced upon a blog entry which discusses on the proposal of the National Conference on Weights and Measures to indicate or disclose the ink volume on the inkjet cartridge label. According to the post, the conference will take place this month in Nashville, Tennessee. Continue reading

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Snapshot Printers are Fun and Practical

Snapshot printers are printers that do not need a desktop or laptop connection to operate. You simply have to plug them to an electric socket and insert your media card or connect your camera to it and voila, your files can already be printed. Continue reading

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How to Keep Your Print Head “Stress-Free”

Yes, you’ve read it right…print heads are like you in a way. They too can experience “severe stress” or burnout. However, in their case, the “stress” or burnout is a bit literal. For ink cartridges with print heads or for … Continue reading

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