Snapshot Printers are Fun and Practical

Snapshot printers are printers that do not need a desktop or laptop connection to operate. You simply have to plug them to an electric socket and insert your media card or connect your camera to it and voila, your files can already be printed.

Most snapshot printers have a small LCD where you can view and select the pictures or files that you want to print. They come in small sizes so you can carry them almost everywhere. Some of the snapshot printer models even have a battery option so you can take them even on outdoor trips.

Technically, the less-expensive snapshot printer models only offer basic editing options such as red-eye removal, clip art options, sepia-toning and border features. The more expensive or high-end models offer more extensive features like adding captions, drawing or editing the image and printing layouts from albums and calendars.

Snapshot printers normally use one of two technologies. The first technology is the most common: inkjet. The second technology is called dye sublimation which transfers the ink from a continuous roll to the paper. The dye sublimation technology produces pictures (or printouts) that are almost dry unlike in inkjet printers where you have to wait for the ink to dry. Also, inkjet technology tends to use more ink and require more frequent ink cleaning and printhead aligning for your ink cartridges.

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