Make Your Own Glowing Printer Ink

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With all the blizzard out there? I bet the kids are all bored, and what better way to entertain them than to provide something unusual to them. How about a glowing printer ink which they can use to print numerous images that they could use as a display in their room. Glowing printer ink is of course an extraordinary way of creating printed materials. It also adds style and artistic touch on any printouts. So, let’s try creating one with this easy instructions below.

1. Use a small container and put a very minimal amount of glow powder in it. Then add 3 tsp of inkjet printer ink inside to mix it with the glow powder. Any ink color can be used on this mixture. Also, make sure to keep the mixture in a microwave oven for 30 seconds to allow the components to blend.

2. You can now fill in your ink cartridges with this mixture by using an injectible syringe. This will help you avoid spilling the ink on unnecessary areas. Don’t forget to properly seal the cartridge after.

3. The last step would be placing the filled ink cartridge in your printer, then try printing anything using the glowing printer ink. Make sure to allow your print out to dry for a minute.

It’s that easy and you can actually apply this for almost anything that you want to have creative designs on.

Just try to experiment with your inks and toners once in a while for unique works.

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