Interesting Facts About Printers and Printer Cartridges

There are so many interesting facts about printers and printer cartridges that are sometimes being neglected due to those loads of printing being done everyday. However, it is quite great to know some of these especially when you are really curious about how these printing machines started and worked as incredible objects.

So to give you a few information on what is really fun about printers and laser toner cartridge or ink cartridge, here are the facts.

First Fact:
When the laser printers were first made by Chester Carlson in the year 1938, no one liked these at first. It was only until Xerox Corporation agreed to have partnership with him that gave way for the release of Xerox printers in the United States.

Second Fact:
Johannes Gutenberg has always been the father of modern printing when he invested on the Gutenberg Press which came first before the release of Xerox machines. He also started the use of oil based ink which has been considered to be better than water based inks. This is the ancestor of the modern inkjet cartridges being used nowadays.

Third Fact:
An estimated amount of 3-4 liters of oil is being used every time a toner cartridge is made which is why many printer users are being asked to try other greater options like remanufactured toner cartridges which are made of recycled cartridges that have been inspected, cleaned, refilled, and tested to maintain the high quality printing. The only difference can be found at the price since a third party printer supply is cheaper than the OEMs or the original ones.

There are still other interesting facts about printers and printer supplies. If you are somehow enthusiastic to know more, then go ahead and check some more great information about your printing partner.

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