HP Inkjet Cartridges Tips

ink cartridgesBuying in packs and stocking for your HP inkjet cartridges is a wise move especially if you want to avoid the hassles that a low-ink notification may cause you in midst of printing an important document. But with this, you should know that at all cost, you should take care of your stock of hp inkjet cartridges to make sure that they won’t be damaged and go defunct later on when you install them.

First of all, remember that if you’re planning to store your HP inkjet cartridges then it will be wise to leave them in their original package. Never remove the protective tape from the bottom of the cartridge so you can avoid damaging the print nozzles. Another thing is keep your HP inkjet cartridges at room temperature. Excessive heat can cause air bubbles to expand inside the cartridge and can cause the ink to leak. It’s ideal to store them in a dark and dry location between 40-85 degrees Fahrenheit.

Another thing is when you are storing your HP inkjet cartridges, do not place the cartridge on its side or upside down which may cause the ink to leak or the color to cross-contaminate.

Also make the habit of checking your printer cartridges if they are clean. This is to make sure that your inkjet printer is indeed working at its best, so make sure that your  ink cartridges stay clean as possible. By cleaning the print head of your HP inkjet cartridges either manually or using a cartridge cleaning system to avoid unwanted printout problems like print blots and unwanted vertical streaks.

And lastly, as soon as your printer starts to produce poor-quality printouts, stop printing, as attempting to print without ink will damage the print head of your ink cartridge. Never ever leave your hp inkjet cartridges run completely dry or empty.

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