How to Fix HP Inkjet Printer When the Photos Doesn’t Print Correctly

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How to fix your HP inkjet printer when it doesn’t print your photos correctly?

HP inkjet printers are very handful when it comes to printing photos and images, perhaps that’s the reason why more home users tend to pick them when looking for a photo-printing machine in the market. However, if you happen to already one and all of a sudden, your HP inkjet printer starting malfunctioning and not printing the photos correctly, what will you do?

That’s why for today’s article, we’re going to name the steps and procedures on how you can fix your HP inkjet printer when it doesn’t print the photos correctly as sourced from HP Support Guide.

  • Checking the Paper Tray

You should verify that the photo paper is in the tray with the side to be printed on facing down. One should also see if the photo paper is lay flat. After that, slide the paper forward until it stops or slide the paper guides firmly against the edge of the paper. Take note, never to  press the guide so firmly against the paper that the paper bends or curls.

  • Checking the Printer Properties

Open the Printer Properties dialog box and verify these options:

Tab Paper/Quality
Setting Size is: An appropriate paper size
Type is: An appropriate photo paper
Print quality: Best or Maximum dpi
  • When Colors Are Tinted or Incorrect

If colors appears to be tinted, then you should check first is your HP inkjet cartridges are already low on inks. If not, then align the printer cartridges, reprint the photo. If the same result shows, then calibrate the color. Both a photo print cartridge and a tri-color print cartridge must be installed for color calibration. Reprint the photo–if colors continue to appear tinted or incorrect, open the Printer Properties dialog box, click the Color tab, and then click the Advanced color settings button and adjust the colors by using the Advanced color settings dialog box.

  • Horizontal Lines Appear on Photos

If there are light or dark horizontal lines appearing on your photos, resort to cleaning your printer cartridges then reprint the photos. If the lines still appear,  align the print cartridges then recur on printing your photos again.

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