Hack Your Ink Cartridges

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Hack those inkjet cartridges every time your printer notifies your low on ink!

“Low on ink!” Yes, you hate that when your printing a very important document when suddenly this pop’s out of your screen. “What?” How come did that happen when it wasn’t yet long when you last bough your new ink cartridges? Why does inkjet printers seem to be eating your inks as fast as lightning?

Let us admit it, we take this as one of the downsides of inkjet printers. Yes, the unit’s price is much lower than the average laser printer, but having to buy inkjet cartridges more often doesn’t sound good as well. Though inkjet cartridges  cost way lower than toner  cartridges that the laser printers use, the inkjet cartridges page yield seems not enough to satisfy any user who has a high demand in printing. This is one of the most popular complaints printer users have on our reliable inkjet printer. But didn’t you know that there are times when your printer actually mistakes to recognize the real level of ink within the cartridge? Yes, you don’t it but some of those cartridges you have thrown may actually not be empty.

Speaking of which, didn’t you ever wonder how your printer know the level of ink within the cartridge? Well, that’s because printer manufacturers put a special memory chip or a small  circuit board which is the one responsible in tracking down the ink and sending the information to your printer all the way to your computer’s processor. However, there are times when this memory chip accidentally miscalculate its reading. And how can you solve this? Simply, by hacking the inkjet cartridge itself.

It is possible by resetting the inkjet cartridge itself. But how? The first thing you need to do is get the cartridge out of the printer then locate the memory chip in it. Usually, you’ll see a small hole above the memory chip or the circuit board, press the button inside the hole using the end of the paper clip. This procedure will automatically reset the circuit board’s memory of the ink thus providing a more accurate reading.

BrussPup, which provides daily information about science and a dose of daily optical illusions, has this video that talks about how to reset inkjet cartridges:

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