Choosing Remanufactured HP Inkjet Cartridges To Save Money

 HP 950XL, 951XL

HP 950XL, 951XL Set of 4 Remanufactured High Yield Ink Cartridge

HP inkjet printers are basically one of the best-selling printer brand in the market, with their credibility and the quality of their products, it’s natural for home users to pick an HP inkjet printer over the other brands. However, keeping your HP inkjet printer running may cost you a budget especially when you love printing images and graphics that requires a big dosage of ink to the point that your inks may not last as much as you want it to.

But this shouldn’t be a big problem if you know where to buy alternative HP inkjet cartridges which cost less than the usual OEMs–also known as remanufactured HP inkjet cartridges. These remanufactured HP inkjet cartridges are basically recycled used or empty OEM HP ink cartridges that went under meticulous remanufacturing processes and quality tests to make sure that they can live up to the standards of their OEM counterparts, delivering the same printing quality and page capacity as the latter.

HP 940XL Set of 4 High Capacity Ink Cartridges

HP 940XL Set of 4 High Capacity Ink Cartridges

Remanufactured HP inkjet cartridges that came from reliable third-party manufacturer retailer are built to produce the kind of sharp and clear characters and vibrant colors you get from name brand cartridges. They can paint the smallest details of your graphic designs and present the same kind of smooth color transition the master graphic artists are longing for.

Aside from that, buying remanufactured has several advantages including the following:

  • Price: Remanufactured printer cartridges offer up to 40-50% saving. Because remanufactured toner cartridges use recycled parts, the production costs are significantly lower than new printer cartridges.
  • Quality: The quality of remanufactured toners is similar to OEM printer toner cartridges. In fact, many OEMs sell their own brands of remanufactured cartridges.
  • Printing Output: Many remanufactured toner cartridges are made according to the OEM standards and are capable of yielding equivalent performance.
  • Environmental Friendly: The parts of printer cartridges are recycled, which helps in reducing waste.

ColorTonerExpert offers an extensive selection of compatible & remanufactured HP inkjet cartridges. All our remanufactured ink cartridges are all quality-tested to ensure that it matches their OEM counterparts for quality printing and customers’ 100% satisfaction, and enjoy same print quality and page yield at up to 50% cost savings.

Plus, we offer free-shipping on an ink cartridges orders.

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