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Ink Volume to Be Disclosed on Cartridge Labels?

I chanced upon a blog entry which discusses on the proposal of the National Conference on Weights and Measures to indicate or disclose the ink volume on the inkjet cartridge label. According to the post, the conference will take place this month in Nashville, Tennessee. Continue reading

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Manage the HP LaserJet Error Codes

Printers show error messages occasionally that cause panic in a computer user especially when the error is something that’s hard to understand. When you are using an HP LaserJet printer and you encounter this problem, you do not have to … Continue reading

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Wireless Printers: Are They Worth It?

With all the quick changes in the technology, it can be confusing as to which item is the best. We were used to seeing printers with long and messy cables until the wireless printers came out. These models, however, did … Continue reading

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