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This is the official blog of the ColorTonerExpert staff. ColorTonerExpert is an e-commerce store that offers a wide selection of affordable but quality remanufactured laser toner cartridges.

Our products are remanufactured with dedication and hard work. They’re environmentally-friendly and cheaper. But don’t let the term “remanufactured” deceive you. We make sure that we deliver only high quality products have been tested and manufactured using the same standards as those used for OEM’s.

With this blog, we aim to get closer to you by imparting general information about the printing industry, tips and how-to’s of printing, tips on how businesses can maximize their printer supplies and increase their ROIs in the process, and so on. Naturally, our interests lie on the printing industry but each one of us has his/her own area of expertise. For instance, one of our members is a graphic designer who love to do arts and crafts. She handles the articles on designs, arts and other how-to’s. Another member is a technical expert on printer cartridge manufacturing. He handles the articles on printer and printer cartridge specifications and reviews.

We can actually talk about anything, just leave your comments and inquiries and we’ll try to address these as best as we can. Let us know which topic you want to be discussed and we’ll see if we can feature this on one of our posts.

Join our community as we post about our products and promos as well as some tips and industry news. Subscribe to our posts and be updated on the latest trends, tips and all matters about printing.

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